All Light Will End, Red Vessel Entertainment (2017)

Rough Stuff, Progressive Pictures (2017)

Strings, Broken Birdie Productions (2017)

The Birth of a Nation, Mandalay Pictures (2016)

Project Almanac, Paramount (2015)

The Devil's Hand, Liddell Entertainment (2015)

The Perfect Summer, Swirl Films (2013)

Stuck in Love, Informant Media (2013)



Legacies, CW (2018-2019)

The Inspectors, CBS (2017)

Party Monsters, December 32nd (2017)

Nashville, ABC Studios (2016)

Sleepy Hollow, 20th Century Fox (2014)  

Vampire Diaries, CW 22 (2013)

Under the Dome, CBS (2013)                                                              

Army Wives, ABC Studios (2012)

Zach Fox Pilot, Disney (2012)

The Finder, 20th Century Fox (2012)

One Tree Hill, Warner Brothers (2011)