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New song featured on 'Riverdale'!


Tune in to CW's "Riverdale" tonight at 8/7c to hear my new song "Where Your Secrets Hide", featuring KLERGY! 



"Carry Me" featured on ABC's 'Station 19'


My song "Carry Me" will be featured on ABC's 'Station 19' tonight! 9/8c

Catch me in tonight's episode of "Legacies"!


There's a new episode of "Legacies" airing, and I'll be back as 'Dana' tonight! 

The CW, 9/8c 

"All is Lost" Trending on TUNEFIND


"All is Lost" is the #1 Television song this week on Tunefind's Trending Music chart

"All is Lost" on Riverdale!


"All is Lost" (from my new American Animal EP) is on tonight's episode of "Riverdale" on the CW! 


Watch me as 'Dana' in CW's "LEGACIES"


TONIGHT! Tune in at 9/8c to watch me in the new Vampire Diaries spinoff show 'Legacies'! 🌙 I had such an incredible experience working on this show, and can’t wait for you to meet ‘Dana’ 🖤 


My new EP 'AMERICAN ANIMAL' is finally out and I'm so excited!! It's a bit grittier than my other music, and writing these 4 songs was a great lesson is taking chances and trying new things. I'm so grateful to my amazing co-writers Micah Wilshire, Michael Quinlan, Annie Williams and Brandon James for writing these with me, and to my publisher Young Guns Publishing for giving me the best job in the world. You can find AMERICAN ANIMAL at the links below:

'Gallows' featured IN-GAME- 'For Honor' Marching Fire


Pinching myself because my song 'Gallows' is featured as an in-game trailer in the new Marching Fire release of 'For Honor'! Click the link below to see the trailer that premiered at E3 earlier this year! 



I guess the cat's out of the bag..#Legacies

Song featured in promo!


So happy to have a song I co-wrote called 'Rest OF My Life' featured in the new promo for "A Million Little Things", ABC's new drama coming this Fall!

New Role!


I'm so excited to announce that I'll be appearing as 'Dana Lilien' in the new CW show "Legacies" airing in October! It's the new spinoff of 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'The Originals', and I can't wait to share more soon!


"Gallows" hits 1 Million Streams!


‘Gallows’ has 1 million streams!! 
I know there are people with half-a-billion streams, so a million might seem like nothing to some... but it sure feels great to me. 
THANK YOU to 'For Honor' (Ubisoft) and 'Teen Wolf' (MTV) for being platforms for this song, to the wonderful people I created it with (Micah Wilshire & Becki DeVries), and to the fans of those shows/games who continue to stream it and show it so much love. I sure am proud of this one

Song in 'The Crew 2' Video Game trailer!


A song I had the pleasure of writing with Micah Wilshire called "Wild Road" was just featured in the new gaming trailer for 'The Crew 2' (Ubisoft)! Check out this link to the trailer here! 


'WARFARE' Lyric Video!


The lyric video for my new single "WARFARE" is here! Check it out at the link below


New Single: "WARFARE"!


My new song 'WARFARE' is out! Check it out on my Spotify **link below** or on iTunes, Amazon and Apple music!


"Gallows" featured in 'For Honor' gaming trailer!


"Gallows" is now featured in the brand new cinematic trailer for 'For Honor' (Ubisoft) 

Check it out at the link below, or watch the trailer under the 'Videos' section of my website!

"Never Have I Ever" on Spotify!


Check out my new single "Never Have I Ever" on Spotify now!!

"Never Have I Ever" from Riverdale!


Here's a few links to my song "Never Have I Ever" that recently aired on The Cw's "Riverdale"! 

Song airing on "Riverdale"


I'm so excited that my brand new song "Never Have I Ever" will be airing TONIGHT on "Riverdale"! Tune in to The CW at 8/7c to hear it, and don't forget to stream it on Spotify at the link below! 


"Gallows" hits 500k on Spotify!


So excited that "Gallows" just hit 500k streams on Spotify!! Check it out at this link!

"What It's Made For"- Behind-the-Scenes


Click the link below to see an awesome behind-the-scenes peek into the writing process of "What It's Made For", a song I co-wrote for "Nashville"! 


"What It's Made For" (Nashville) Available on iTunes!


The song I wrote for the season 6 premiere of "Nashville" is now available on iTunes! 

Click the link below to listen to "What It's Made For" sung by 'Maddie' (Lennon Stella)!

Song airing on "Nashville" TONIGHT!


I'm SO excited that my song "What It's Made For" will be sung by Lennon Stella (Maddie) in tonight's Season 6 Premiere episode of "NASHVILLE"! Tune in to CMT at 9/8central! 

Behind-the-Scenes from the "Nashville" Season 6 writing camp


Check out this awesome behind-the-scenes video from the "Nashville" Season 6 writing camp! It was such a blast getting to be a part of this great group of writers, and I can't wait for you to hear the songs we came up with for the new season, airing January 4th!



NEW SINGE "Love You Like I Do"


SURPRISE!! Click the links below to hear my brand new single "Love You Like I Do". I feel so blessed that I get to write in a notebook and bang around on instruments all day and call it 'work'. Thanks to my amazing co-writer/producer Micah Wilshire.

**And Dont forget to check out my brand-spankin-new Spotify page!**

Song featured in ABC Promo!


I'm so pumped to have a promo for these 2 HILARIOUS shows airing on ABC right now! Wrote "Watch Me Go" with Micah Wilshire and One Tree Hill alumni Kate Voegele. Check it out on ABC now!!

Song on Siesta Key!


Thanks Siesta Key (MTV) for featuring another song of mine!! This one's called "Coming For You", and I wrote it with the best Micah Wilshire & Becki Devries! Listen to the song on Spotify and watch the episode on!

AXS Interview About New EP!


Check out my interview with Jim Wood at AXS below to see my inspiration for my new EP "Crash & Burn", out Friday August 18th!

Viacom's Featured Song Placements!


So happy to be included on Viacom's Featured Song Placements list, for my song "Gallows" (co-written & produced by Micah Wilshire & Becki Devries). The song will be featured in tomorrow night's episode of the hit MTV show "Teen Wolf" at 8 PT!

Debut EP

Surprise! My debut EP “Crash & Burn” is now available for pre-order on all major platforms. This has been a long time coming for me, and I’m so excited to hear what you all think of the songs. My fellow musicians/writers, how blessed are we to get to do this with our lives? **Pinches self**
Official Release Date: August 18

Songs featured in "Reign" & "The Originals"


I'm so excited to share that I have 2 different songs airing on The CW tonight! Tune in to The Originals @ 8 EST to hear "Not Mine", and stick around to hear "On The Run" on Reign at 9! Both songs are now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more!

The Toy Box ABC Promo!


Check out this ABC Promo for the new show "The Toy Box", airing in April! My song "Want It Gotta Have It" (written with Micah Wilshire & Dennis Matkosky) is featured in the promo! (: Playing on ABC and as a theatrical preview now!


Watch me on "The Inspectors" CBS!


Tune in to CBS tomorrow morning to catch me as 'Allison' in the award-winning show "The Inspectors"!

Song Featured in CBS Promo!


Watch CBS to see the new season promo of "Undercover Boss", featuring a song I wrote with Micah Wilshire called "Beautiful World"!

RUNWAY Magazine Feature


Thank you so much to RUNWAY Magazine for featuring me in your famous Fall 2016 WORLD Issue! check out my feature and interview from pages 84-87!



Thank you to Popular TV for this awesome article

Blasting News article


Thank you so much to Blasting News for this article about "Birth of a Nation" and what's next for me!

Songwriting Publishing deal with Young Guns Publishing (Nashville)


I am so happy and excited to announce that I have officially been signed as a singer-songwriter to Young Guns Publishing- Nashville. The company has a successful TV/Film department and has Kobalt as an admin.  Stay tuned for new music as I start my exciting new journey with Young Guns!

"The Birth of a Nation" Premiere!


Katie Garfield at the Los Angeles premiere of "The Birth of a Nation". Katie plays Catherine Turner, and the film hits US theaters on October 7th 2016!

MSNBC Interview


Thank you to MSNBC for this interview about my role in The Birth of a Nation . I'm so excited for you all to see this INCREDIBLE film on October 7th.

"Rough Stuff" Teaser Trailer


I am so excited to share the awesome teaser-trailer of "Rough Stuff", a movie I filmed in Australia in 2014! You can catch me as rambunctious eco-chick Skye in the trailer at the link below!


Another booking!!


I am so blessed and excited that I landed another guest-star great role on a TV series- and I'll be filming this week! (: Stay tuned for updates

What a month!

What a month it's been- I started the month by joining the cast of a pilot, where I got to become Christine Daae from "Phantom of the Opera". I had 4 night shoots in a row, then got on a plane to NC, and started filming a feature film the next day, where I worked another 9 days of night shoots. I'm now in Nashville for a writing trip.
I am blissfully happy and exhausted, and so lucky to have the best job in the world. I'm so grateful for the work and excited for my friends who are all having great successes in their careers and lives.
I'm especially grateful for my wonderful family and my rockin' agents.
The cast & crew of feature film "Strings"



I couldn't be more proud of the wonderful people behind this movie. October 7th ‪#‎thebirthofanation‬ ‪#‎morethanafilm‬ ‪#‎natturneriscoming‬

Oscar Salute Afterparty 2016


The Oscar Salute Afterparty 2016, hosted by Kevin Hart at the W Hotel Hollywood

Interview with AXS- "The Birth of a Nation"


Thank you so much for Jim Wood from AXS and for this awesome interview about "The Birth of a Nation". I am so excited for what's the come!  Check out the interview here!

"The Birth of a Nation" Wins Big at Sundance Awards!


Following an amazing week at the Sundance Film Festival, I am so proud and excited to announce that “The Birth of a Nation” just took home the U.S. Dramatic Audience Award, and the U.S. Dramatic Grand Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival 2016!

I'm so honored and happy to be a part of this beautiful film, and can't wait to share more exciting news as it unfolds!!!

"The Birth of a Nation" Record-breaking week at Sundance


I am so honored to be a part of the gorgeous film "The Birth of a Nation", which has had a record-breaking week at the Sundance Film Festival. Following our spectacular premiere screening yesterday afternoon, we signed a $17.5 million deal with Fox Searchlight this morning. Even though we received a $20 million bid from Netflix, the highest bid in Sundance history, we signed with Fox Searchlight following their enormous Oscar success with "12 Years a Slave" (Best Picture 2014). The response we've gotten from the press and festival has been overwhelmingly positive and exciting.


"The Birth of a Nation" tells the true story of slave-turned-revolutionary Nat Turner, who led a rebellion against the violent slaveowners of Southampton County, VA in 1861. I play Catherine Turner, the daughter of the plantation-owning Turner family, from which Nat took his surname.


This relevant film comes at a time of great social struggle and conversation, and aims to put a spotlight on the racial issues that still plague our country to this day.


Thank you for letting me share my exciting news with you!


Sundance 2016!!


I am SO honored and humbled to announce that our beautiful film "The Birth of a Nation", the story of the incredible Nat Turner, is going to Sundance Film Festival and will be in the Dramatic Competition. I play the role of Catherine Turner, and will be starring alongside Nate Parker, Armie Hammer, Aja Naomi King, Gabrielle Union, Penelope Ann Miller, and so many more. This story is one of upmost importance, and I'm so lucky to have a part in telling it. Congratulations to my fellow cast members, and I'll see you guys at Sundance!…/

"Hello-Sorry" Mashup now on iTunes!


Yeah!! You can now buy our Hello-Sorry mashup on iTunes! (: Music Mash​

New Music Mash video


The new Music Mash video is finally up! We mashed up "Hello" by Adele, and Justin Bieber's "Sorry". Check it out here!

Another MusicMash video coming soon!


Another Music Mash​ video is coming at you soon! (: Stay tuned to hear our awesome mashup of Adele's "Hello", and Justin Bieber's "Sorry". We can't wait for you to hear the song and see the awesome music video we filmed!

New cover song & video out!


Check out this one-take live cover of Ariana Grande's new song "Focus".  With Sonic Gods Productions. Chris Hayman. John DaSilva. Trevor Martin.

We had a blast at the Troubadour!!!


Last night was a dream come true. We got to play the famous Troubadour in Hollywood, CA. Thank you to all our friends and fans who came out to support. Here's a photo from last night! More to come!!

We're playing The Troubadour!


I am SO excited to announce that the band & I will be playing at THE TROUBADOUR on October 22nd! (: This is our biggest show yet, and we would LOVE to see all of our friends there.

October 22nd @ 8 PM
Tix $10 advance, $15 at door (ask me about advanced tix)
New music! (: 
I promised the venue I’d bring a lot of people, so let’s pack this place out!!

Another show!


So excited! We've been invited back to play The Guitar Merchant again on October 17th! (: I hope to see everyone there. Check out my Twitter for more details! @katiegarfield

Another AXS Interview in the books!


Thank you so much to AXS for another great interview talking about my upcoming Troubadour show!! Grateful as always to be featured in your publication!

What a show!!!


Thank you to all our friends, family & fans who came to watch us at our debut show last night at The Guitar Merchant! We had a blast, and can't wait to play more shows around California. Check back here soon for more details about where you can see us next! (:


We're Getting Closer!


We're getting closer to our first show at The Guitar Merchant on September 12th! Will we see you there at 6 PM?

Upcoming show!


I am so excited for this show at The Guitar Merchant (Los Angeles) on Saturday, September 12th, and I hope to see YOU there! (: xo 

Thank you to AXS for another great interview!


Thank you so much to Jim Wood from for another great interview! Click below to see what I had to say about my new band & our upcoming gig, my writing process, and my recent film!

We're on Entertainment!


Check me out below Kristen Stewart on Entertainment Weekly, with the announcement of my role in Birth of a Nation.

Exciting new film role!


I'm so excited to announce my role in this project via Deadline Hollywood: I couldn't be more honored and proud. More news to come xoxo

Check out my single on iTunes & Amazon


'Put Me Back on My Throne' is available on iTunes and Amazon! Pick up your copy today! (: 



Very Exciting News!


I have some very exciting news regarding a new acting role that I can't wait to share! Check back here for details! (: 

Social Media handles


Check out my social media plugs: you can find me on...

We're at 18,000 views!


Holy Moly!!! Our video of 'Love Me Like You Do/S&M'  is at almost 18,000 today! That's up over 10,000 from yesterday! (: Check it out here

Fifty Shades of Grey Cover Mashup!


I just recorded and filmed a mashup of 'Love Me Like You Do' from Fifty Shades of Grey, and 'S&M' by Rihanna! 

Check it out here!

'Put Me Back On My Throne' is finally here!


IT'S FINALLY HERE! I'm so excited to announce that you can now find "Put Me Back On My Throne", at the following links below! Please get the song and share it with your friends. Let's get this to the iTunes Homepage…/put-me-back-on-my-th…/id956731993

5 days left till Throne!

  1. 1
    place (someone) on a throne.
    "the king was throned on a rock”



COUNTDOWN TO THRONE: 6 days! I literally couldn’t be more excited for you guys to hear the final version of ‘Put Me Back on My Throne’. We’ve put some special twists and final touches on the song since the Reverbnation version! Who wants to hear it??

'Project Almanac' Premiere


Red carpet passes, check. Hair and makeup team, check. Dress, check. Hot date, CHECK.
I’m so excited to attend the ‘Project Almanac’ premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theater tomorrow night in Los Angeles. I have a small role in the film as ‘Liv’. Check it out in theaters this Friday the 30th, and check back here for some red carpet photos (;

Great new AXS Interview


Check out this awesome new interview I did with! I talk about my upcoming Michael Bay film, and the release of my first single 'Put Me Back on My Throne' on February 2nd! (: 

We are now Number 1!


I am so excited to announce that my song 'Put Me Back on My Throne' has hit #1 on the local Reverberation pop charts! (: 

The song will be released globally on February 2nd, but you can listen to it here on Reverberation in the meantime. 

Put Me Back on My Throne release date HERE!


You heard it first last night on WRAL TV and FOX 50. I will be releasing my first single 'Put Me Back on My Throne' on FEBRUARY 2ND!!! It will be on iTunes, Amazon, and many more!

I'll post more information as we get closer, but 2/2/15 is the date!

Watch me on WRAL here!!


Omg this was so much fun. Feeling especially lucky these last few minutes of 2014. Thank you so much to WRAL TV and FOX 50 for hosting me tonight. Happy New Year!

Announcing my single-release date on NYE!


GUESS WHAT!! I'll be announcing the release of my first single on the First Night Raleigh broadcast in the 10 O'Clock Hour. Tune in live to Fox 50 at 10pm, and online at where I'll making a special announcement about the song and ringing in the new year with the staff of Fox 50 and WRAL

I'll be with WRAL News live on New Year's Eve


I'm so excited to announce that I'll be with WRAL News live from 10-11 PM New Year's Eve, from downtown Raleigh to bring in 2015! I'll be talking about Sleepy Hollow, my upcoming Michael Bay film 'Project Almanac', and the release of my first single Put Me Back on My Throne! Catch me live to hear all of the exciting details! let's go 2015!!

My song is #3 on Reverbnation local pop charts! Listen here!


Oh my gosh! You guys ROCK! My song ‘Put Me Back on My Throne’ has gone from #10 to #3 on the Reverbnation local pop charts, and is rising quickly on the National pop charts! Your ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ are sending this song to the top! Thank you thank you, and let’s keep it going! VERY exciting news coming soon (:

Hear my new song exclusively on Reverbnation!


 Wow! What an awesome surprise! My song ‘Put Me Back on My Throne’ is Top 10 on the local POP charts on Reverbnation! Click here to see my Reverb page and let’s get this song to the top of the charts! If you like the song, share it with your friends and let’s send it to the top! Put Me Back on My Throne' is exclusively on Reverbnation right now, but keep your eyes peeled for some very exciting news about this song and where you can hear it next.

Awesome writeup from Deep South Entertainment!


 Check out this awesome Holiday newsletter from Deep South Entertainment, and the awesome Dave Rose! Scroll down the newsletter to see a cool blurb about me, and lots of other exciting things for Deep South!

Are YOU coming to the show?!


I'll see you there!

Awesome interview with AXS


Check out this awesome interview I did with Jim Wood at AXS!

Picture from Sleepy Hollow


Look! It's me talking to Ichabod Crane and Abby Mills in "Sleepy Hollow" on FOX! I played 'Diane', and had a blast on set! 

The Devil's Hand writeup


Check out this awesome writeup about The Devil's Hand, a new film that I star in as Abby, alongside Adelaide Kane (Reign), Leah Pipes (The Originals), and Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter) (:

Sleepy Hollow is finally here!!!


IT'S FINALLY HERE! My Sleepy Hollow episode 'The Weeping Lady' airs this Monday at 9 PM on FOX. Watch me as 'Diane'!

On-set Pictures from Australia!


Check the 'Photos' tab on the top of this page to see a few pictures from the set of "Rough Stuff"!

Going Back to Australia... To film a movie!!!!


Yay I can finally announce that I will be flying to beautiful Sydney, Australia to play 'Skye' in the adventure-comedy, "Rough Stuff"!! I have heard so much about the amazing Australian actors and actresses I will be working with, and I CAN'T wait to start filming. Stay tuned for details, and LOTS of goofy set pictures

BIG NEWS- coming soon


I have some BIG news coming soon! HINT: "G'day Mate!" (;

Perez Hilton Pre-Emmy party 2014


I had such a great time Perez Hilton's pre-Emmy party last night!

Song of the Year contest!!!


So honored to have placed as runner up in the 'Song of the Year' pop category for my song "Put Me Back on my Throne", one written and produced with the amazing Micah Wilshire!

Sleepy Hollow!


SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE that I've booked the role of 'Diane' in a new episode of "Sleepy Hollow"! The episode is expected to air in October, so check back here for the official details (:
I had such an amazing time on set! (:

Exciting News- more travels!


More travels ahead!! (: Can't wait to travel to my 2nd favorite place in America to film on a very special set (; more details to come!

That's a Wrap


I had such an amazing time recording with the amazing Micah Wilshire! Here's a fun shot of us in the studio! (:

Finally in Nashville!!


TODAY'S THE DAY! I finally made it to Nashville to record and produce my song "Gems", my favorite song I've ever written with my good friend Von Von Cleve Lewis. Can't wait for you guys to hear this one. Stay tuned...

Another Hollyscoop!


Watch me here talking about the latest celebrity fashion looks at Hollyscoop TV with Diana Madison! (:

Goodaye' Mate!


I am having such an amazing time in Sydney, Australia! (: Looking forward to some co-writes with amazing songwriters next week!

Show cancelled


Unfortunately, due to a management issue between the venue and the organizers of the showcase, the show I was going to play tomorrow got cancelled :( I'll keep you posted on more! 

Show at The Parlour!


I'll be playing this Saturday, April 26th at The Parlour with my good friend Mike Gurley! (: come watch us play some original songs.

21+, no cover for show 

I'm featured in RUNWAY Magazine!


I am SO excited to announce that I am featured in the spring issue of RUNWAY Magazine! (: Now in newsstands and at Barnes & Noble! 

Check it out to see my 3 page spread and interview (: 


Watch me on Hollyscoop!


Hollyscoop 2.0!


I had SUCH a blast with Diana Madison and the fabulous crew at Hollyscoop yesterday! Tune in this weekend at @hollyscoop where I discuss the latest hot topics!

Show this Saturday!


This Saturday I'll be playing some original songs at The Parlour's singer-songwriter Saturday! This event is in Hollywood, and for 21+ ages. 

SweetyHigh interview here!


Check out the link below to see my interview on the SweetyHigh blog! (: 

Watch me here on Hollyscoop!


On this weeks @hollyscoop panel we dish on the biggest fashion hits and misses of the week, including Beyonce, Paris Hilton and Rihanna. Were they hot or not!? Watch to find out!



Ill be on Hollyscooptv @hollyscoop panel this weekend. Don't forget to tune-in!! Check here for your local listings:

I am in the "Pure" music video!


Check out this music video I am in! (: The song is "Pure" by Radical Something, and the music video was directed by the amazing Shannen Doherty. Check me out in my natural habitat, flowers in the hair (:

WeDay link!


It's here! The video of me performing my original song "This Time" at WEDAY! In front of 18,000 people, I performed in a lineup alongside The Jonas Brothers, Carly Rae Jepsen, and many amazing and influential world speakers.  

Watch my "My Carolina Today" interview & performance here!


Check out my interview and performance of my song "This Time" under the 'Videos' section of my website, below! (:  

Follow me on these Facebook pages!


You can follow my career on these Facebook pages! My official page, and the official Jonas Group page (they manage me!) 


Jason Michael Carroll co-write


I had SUCH an awesome time writing with country music star Jason Michael Carroll! We wrote a great song to ring in the new year! (: 

"Welcome to Yesterday"


Check out the official trailer for a film I'm in this year called "Welcome to Yesterday"! I play 'Liv' in this Michael Bay- produced film! Out February 28th 2014! 

* This film was previously known as "Almanac" 

2013 Video!

Check out this video of my year in pictures! It has been an amazing 2013 (: 

Kristian Bush- SUGARLAND


I had an amazing time writing with Sugarland's Kristian Bush the other day in Atlanta! We wrote a fantastic song- I love co-writing!! 

Acoustic Show @ Deep South!


Come watch me play alongside some amazing singer/songwriters on December 26th for some post-holiday fun! (:
I go on around 8:30! 

My Carolina Today performance link here!


Watch my interview and performance of an original song called This Time on 'My Carolina Today' this morning!


My Carolina Today!


Watch me talk a bit about my career and play my song "This Time" tomorrow at 11 AM EST. on My Carolina Today!

NBC Affiliate WNCN- Channel 7 on Time Warner Cable.

Sunset Marquis Hotel 50th Anniversary Party


I had a WONDERFUL time attending the Sunset Marquis Hotel 50th Anniversary Party on Saturday night! It was a night full of music, dancing, and wonderful people! Thank you to Nine West for outfitting me with my beautiful shoes for the evening (: 




I truly had the most gratifying experience of my life yesterday. I got to perform an original song for 18,000 students across the country who have volunteered their time and energy towards a brighter future for the world. These 18,000 students and a long list of global ambassadors, activists and performers gathered under one roof at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. This event, called WeDay, is part of a much larger cause called WeAct, which implements the goals of the largest network of children helping children, "Free the Children". 

I am truly honored and humbled to have had the opportunity to share the stage with the Jonas Brothers, Carly Rae Jepsen, Fifth Harmony, Her Majesty the Queen Noor of Jordan, Martin Luther King III, Spencer West, and Craig and Marc Kielburger (the founders of Free the Children and the "We" movement).

Below you'll find a link to my performance. Thank you so much to WeDay and its sponsors for making this a truly life-changing experience for me and for the 18,000 students who earned their way there.

"Be the change" 

WeDay is 2 days away! Watch it stream live!


2 DAYS AWAY!! You can watch it stream live from the WeDay website link below on Wednesday October 8th, starting at 9 AM Central. Watch me, the Jonas Brothers, Carly Rae Jepsen, and an impressive list of world-changing leaders speak at WeDay to empower our youth! Go WeDay!!!

8 Days left until WEDAY


Only 8 days left until WeDay! (: I am SOOOOO excited 


Infocus Artists headshots!


I am so thrilled with my new acting headshots and press photos, taken by InFocus Artists! The picture in the aqua tank top on my home page of the website was taken by them! They are so professional, and take absolutely amazing photos. For all of your headshot needs, check out the website link below and get on the next level. Thanks InFocus!! 



I am so excited to announce that I will be performing at WeDay 2013 Minnesota! (: I'll be performing alongside the Jonas Brothers, Carly Rae Jepsen, and so many other inspiring performers and speakers. This is a charity event for kids who have EARNED their way to a concert by doing service in their communities and making a difference! I can't wait to see all 20,000 of their shining faces on October 8th in Minnesota! (: 

I love Los Angeles


Today marks 1 year that I have lived in Los Angeles <3 I am so grateful for all of the opportunities that have come my way, and all of the amazing people in my life that I've been lucky enough to have surrounding me. I am so blessed for the support of my family <3 This city has been good to me.

All about the music <3

Under the Dome


Watch me tonight on the new CBS hit, "Under the Dome"! (: check out the link below for more information



So excited to announce that I'll be playing Liv in the new Michael Bay film, "Almanac"! (: Check out the IMDB link below!



Feeling on top of the world today. Once again I'm humbled by the power of music

New Role- Woohoo!


I am so blessed and excited that I booked a new role in a HUGE feature film coming out in 2014. I can't give details yet, but I will when I can! (: filming now!



I am so excited to announce that I'll be playing Kayla in the new TV-feature, "The Perfect Summer". It's an amazing film about family, love, and Summer! (: Check out the IMDB link below to see all of the amazing actors that I co-starred with! More info to come.

New Role!


I am so excited to announce that I booked a lead role in a new film! (: I'll share all the details later, but I can say that I'll be

"hanging 10!" (;


I love being a songwriter <3

Vampire Diaries


I had SUCH a great experience filming an episode of "Vampire Diaries".  What an amazing cast and crew!! Tune in to the CW on March 14th to see me on Vampire Diaries! (:



ATTENTION FELLOW MUSICIANS. I am reading a truly amazing book, all about how to get started in the music business. This book is so helpful to me, and I would HIGHLY recommend it. It's called "Everything I know about the music business I learned from my cousin Rick." PLEASE check this book out, you'll be happy you did. go to

Happy Holidays!!


Happy Holidays to all! (: Your support throughout this year has meant the world to me, and I hope to keep the ball rolling in 2013! (: I hope everyone has a great holiday, and a fantastic new year! ((: <3

10th video blog/birthday post! (:


Check out my 10th video blog post! (: Woohoo!

Video Blog # 9


I'M BACK! (: haha Thank you so much for tuning in again to the video blogs! I'm getting back on track, and I can't believe that next week will be the 10th video blog! Thank you so much for the support and love <3 Check it out to see what I've been up to in LA! (:



Today I have 2 co-write sessions with amazing songwriters!! (: I'm excited to get working on some new songs!

LA Rocks!


I am having a blast in LA! (: I've been writing with amazing songwriters and learning so much along the way! (: <3



I have been co-writing this past week with amazing songwriters, and have been working in the studio. Off today for another co-write (:

I'm in LA!


I'm in LA! (: Spending some time here working on the album, co-writing with AMAZING songwriters, and going on acting auditions! (: To all those aspiring musicians and actors, PLEASE hear this. Follow your dreams. It's the most rewarding and amazing feeling ever. You ARE good enough, and good things come to people who work hard. <3

Awesome show!


Tonight was such a fun show at the Greensboro Singer-songwriter's showcase! (: I played all original songs, and was a featured songwriter. I played with the amazing Mike Garrigan from Collapsis! (: What a great night!

Video Blog- # 8


Here is video blog # 8! ((: Hope you like it

Concert in the Park


This Sunday, July 15th, I have a show at Lake Johnson! ((: It's at 6 oclock, and I'll be playing a bunch of new, never-heard original songs! (:

Video Blog- # 7


I hope everyone had a great weekend! ((: Here's my newest video blog, number 7!!

Show this weekend!


Can't wait to play this gig! 

Video Blog- # 6


Check out my newest video blog! ((:

NODA Summer Music Fest


I am so excited to play this gig with the amazing Mike Garrigan! (: I'll be playing on July 1st at 7pm at the Chop House in Charlotte, NC! (: Hope to see some familiar faces!



I had the amazing opportunity this week to fly to California and record my original music with Scott Gordon, the musical composer for Army Wives and Criminal Minds. He is the winner of 3 awards at this years ASCAP Awards! We had SUCH an awesome time working on the music, and I got to meet so many talented musicians along the way. More coming soon!

Video Blog- # 4


Please check out my newest video blog segment- number 4! ((: Thank you so much for the support, I am having so much fun with this blog! (:

Video Blog- # 3


Hey there! Check out my 3rd video blog post on YouTube! (: It was taken before I sang the National Anthem for the opening game of the USA Baseball Division II Championship Games! Hope you enjoy!

Singing the National Anthem


Tomorrow I'll be singing the National Anthem at the opening game for USA baseball stadium! This will be my 3rd year performing the anthem at USA Baseball! (:



I opened this weekend for the awesome Artsplosure festival in Raleigh! I played some of my original songs, and had a FANTASTIC turnout at the show! (: Thank you so much to everyone who came out and supported!

Video Blog- # 2


Hey there! Check out my 2nd video blog segment that I posted on YouTube! Hope you enjoy (: Tune in next week.

VIDEO BLOG- First post! (:


I am starting a weekly 60-second video blog! (: Check out my first post, I hope you enjoy!

Song of the Year Contest- top 5

Exciting news!: My song "Sweet Seventeen" placed in the top 5 in my category in the international songwriting contest, Song of the Year. I am so honored to have received this award, thank you so much to everyone who supports me ♥

Wrapped Filming


I have officially wrapped filming for "The Occult". :( It was the best experience of my life! You can expect to see me play Abby in the movie, which will be in theaters next year! (:

Please vote for me! (:


hey everyone please VOTE FOR ME for the Star Bangled Sing-off! (: you can vote once a day until april 30th! I'm on the 3rd page on the bottom right. it would mean SOOO much to me ♥ Thank you so much!!!! ((:

Army Wives episode airing soon!


IT'S OFFICIAL! My episode of Lifetime's "Army Wives" will be airing at 9:00 PM EST on April 15th! The episode is called "Casualties", and I will be playing Monica Scarpetti. Tune in at 9 to watch me on Army Wives! ((:

3,371 Views! Wow!


In just a short amount of time, my unofficial music video for my song "Sweet Seventeen" has received 3,371 views on YouTube! (: I would like to say thank you to everyone for the AMAZING love and support! (:

Kris Marceno Foundation Talent Show


I was chosen as the winner of the 2012 Kris Marceno Foundation Talent Show! I sang an original song, called "I Meant What I Said". I had such a blast, and was honored to perform amongst so many talented people! (:

Had a blast at "Writers"


I had such a great time on the set of "Writers"! I can't wait for the movie to come out in theaters next year. It is a wonderful story with an amazing and talented cast and crew! (:

First day of filming


My first day of filming on "The Occult" was AMAZING!! Such a terrific cast and crew. Many more fun memories to come! (:



I was chosen to play a lead role in a movie called "The Occult"! This movie is filming in beautiful Wilmington, NC.  I'll be playing Abby, and you can see it in theaters in 2013! (: I can't wait to start filming this movie! ((:

"Hot Girl"- New Role!


I was just cast as "Hot Girl" in a new movie filming in Wilmington called "Writers"! Some of the stars include Jennifer Connelly, Lilly Collins, and Greg Kinnear! (: Can't wait to film!

New YouTube video


I posted a new song/video to YouTube! This is a new original song called "I Meant What I Said", and I hope you like it! You can find it on YouTube, or under my "Videos" sub-page! 



Headed back to the studio today to work on some new music with Mike Garrigan and Two Egrets Recording.  Then playing an open mic tonight in Greensboro. (:

CD Release Party


I had such a great time at my CD release party! The love and support throughout this whole journey has been AMAZING. In the next month or so I'll be getting back in the studio to record some acoustic versions of new original songs, playing open mics, and writing of course! (:

Song of the Year Contest- Honorable Mention


I received an Honorable Mention in the 2011-2012 Song of the Year Songwriting Competition for my original song "I Won't Give Up on You".  Check it out! (:

G105 Tyler Frye shoutout article


DJ Tyler Frye from G105 gave me a shoutout article on G105's website! I played live for them on the 10th of February, and they gave me this wonderful article! Here's the link!

"Sweet Seventeen" Music Video!


The unofficial music video for my song "Sweet Seventeen" is now on YouTube! You can watch it under the "videos" section of my website, or type in the URL below to catch the video! Thanks so much to Kim Crenshaw and Christy Soeder for the video production.  I hope you enjoy the video!

Thank You G105!


On February 20th, I had the pleasure of joining Tyler and the crew at G105! I got to sit in the studio for 3 hours, play some of my original music, and promote my CD on the radio!  Thank you so much to Tyler and G105 for letting me in on the studio fun!! ((: What a great experience!  G105 rocks!

See me on "The Finder"!


Watch me on FOX's new series, "The Finder", airing Thursday, January 19th at 9PM Eastern.   I'm playing Carmela! 

Army Wives WOOHOO! (:


I have been having SO much fun filming as Monica Scarpetti on an episode of "Army Wives"!  So sad that this is my last day of filming :/ This has truly been an awesome experience, and I have met so many amazing people!

Cary Magazine


I will be modeling gorgeous wedding dresses in the February edition of Cary Magazine! I had such a great time at the photoshoot! (:

Army Wives Role!


I was just cast as Monica Scarpetti on an upcoming episode of Lifetime's "Army Wives." Exciting updates coming soon!